The Episcopal Church of the Messiah is located at 721 Saint Louis Street in Gonzales, Texas

Our office phone number is 830.672.3407. 

Our mailing address is P.O. Box 139, Gonzales, Texas 78629.  

Our parish email address is 



10:30 AM Sunday Worship (Holy Eucharist) 

7PM Monday & Friday: (AA Meetings) 

WOMEN'S GROUP, 2nd Wednesday, 6 PM at Elk's Lodge (Except in Lent)

MEN'S GROUP, 2nd Wednesday, 6 PM at Elk's Lodge (Except in Lent)

Vestry Meetings normally 3rd Wednesday 6pm 

The Rev. Shanna Neff






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Well over half of our parishioners have attended a Cursillo renewal weekend, which is designed to stimulate participants to greater thought and awareness about their own faith and ministry as leaders within the Church.  Cursillo begins on Thursday evening and concludes on Sunday evening. It incorporates a series of short teaching talks, discussion, art work, skits, singing, sacramental worship and community building. In terms of content, it could be described as a highly experiential, Spirit-filled confirmation class, designed to better prepare its participants for Christian discipleship. It is often a turning point in the faith life of a person. At the very least, it provides renewal to one's spiritual life.

Those who have completed a Cursillo weekend are strongly encouraged to seek a spiritual director and join a weekly spiritual accountability group called a Group Reunion. This group meets for about 45 minutes, prays for one another and discusses what has happened in each of their lives over the past week in the areas of Piety, Study and Apostolic Action, as well as sharing their moment closest to Christ. Ultreyas are periodic gatherings of all the Cursillistas (that's what someone is called who has attended Cursillo) where music, food, a personal witness, and a response from the gospel, are shared.

Anyone is welcome to come and participate in a Group Reunion or an Ultreya, whether you have attended Cursillo or not.  Cursillo weekends are held 4 times a year in our diocese, in the fall and spring, twice at Camp Capers and twice at Mustang Island. See the priest to find out more about Cursillo and/or if you think you may have a desire to attend Cursillo.



Fr. Randy giving a talk at a the March 2011 Cursillo weekend at Camp Capers. 




 Ultreya discussion.  Cursillo Alleluia Song Book and rainbow crosses.

 A couple of new Cursillistas welcomed back after their weekend. 

Esther is our most experienced Cursillista, having served numerous times as a team member and on the Secretariat. She also serves as the Church's volunteer secretary, providing service bulletins and publishing the parish newsletter, and has a long history of service within the diocese on a variety of levels and positions. Esther is a tireless and humble servant for Christ.  Esther served as the staff Rector on the March 2011 Cursillo Weekend at Camp Capers when Fr. Randy was Spiritual Director.