The Episcopal Church of the Messiah is located at 721 Saint Louis Street in Gonzales, Texas

Our office phone number is 830.672.3407. 

Our mailing address is P.O. Box 139, Gonzales, Texas 78629.  

Our parish email address is 



10:30 AM Sunday Worship (Holy Eucharist) 

7PM Monday & Friday: (AA Meetings) 

WOMEN'S GROUP, 2nd Wednesday, 6 PM at Elk's Lodge (Except in Lent)

MEN'S GROUP, 2nd Wednesday, 6 PM at Elk's Lodge (Except in Lent)

Vestry Meetings normally 3rd Wednesday 6pm 

The Rev. Shanna Neff






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The ministry of Acolyte serves the priest at the altar by helping prepare the altar for Holy Communion and assisting in the ablutions (clean up) of the chalice and paten. Acolytes also light and extinguish the altar candles, holds the gospel book during the gospel procession, and serves as the crucifer who leads the procession in and out during the Eucharist. The Acolyte ministry is open to any baptized member who is at least 8 years old. Adults are also welcome to serve. Contact Fr. Randy if interested. He will provide the necessary training.    


Altar Guild

The ministry of the Altar Guild is to prepare the sanctuary (the immediate space around the altar inside the altar rail) for worship and to clean the sanctuary after worship. Setting up the various altar appointments (linens, cup, plate, bowls, cruets), trimming candles, washing and ironing linens, changing out the Santus Lamp (hanging candle), ordering altar candles, baptismal candles, bread and wine are among just a few of the responsibilities of our sacristans (another name for altar guild).  This is a vitally important ministry for the Church, done mostly behind the scenes, and is open for men and women alike. There is no greater service than preparing the worship space for the Lord's people! Anyone interested in this ministry, contact Fr. Randy and he will direct you to the appropriate person.


Eucharistic Ministers

The Lay Eucharist Minister (LEM) administers the consecrated wine from the chalice (cup) when there is an insufficient number of clergy to do so. To be a LEM, one needs to be a confirmed adult member in good standing, be licensed by the Bishop, and serve under the oversight of the priest.  The LEM vests (gets dressed) in a white alb and processes at Sunday worship, leads the psalm between lessons, and assists at the altar as needed.


Eucharistic Visitors  

Lay Eucharistic Visitors (LEV's) are authorized to take pre-consecrated communion from the altar following the Sunday Eucharist to members who, by reason of illness or infirmity, are unable to be present at the Holy Eucharist.  One must be a confirmed adult member in good standing, be licensed by the Bishop, and serve under the oversight of the priest.  If any confirmed member is interested in either the LEM or LEV ministries, contact Fr. Randy.



Intercessors lead the Prayers of the People and read the intercessory list at Sunday worship. This ministry does not require a diocesan license, but does require familiarity with all of the Prayer Book options for the Prayers of the People. Intercessors are scheduled for 3 months in advance. Anyone interested in being a part of this ministry, contact Fr. Randy. 



The Lector reads the Old Testament and Epistle (letters) lessons during Sunday worship. Lectors vest in an alb and process in the liturgy. While this ministry no longer requires a diocesan license, the bishop strongly recommends that such persons be licensed for this ministry by the congregation.  Lectors must make sure that they are familiar with the lessons they are to read on Sunday mornng and ought to arrive early to take a look at the lection book to make sure the readings are readily marked. If you're interested in being a Lector, contact Fr. Randy.



The usher ministry is multifaceted. Ushers are the first face you see when you walk into the door of the church, as they hand out service bulletins, along with a warm and enthusiastic greeting. At the offertory, they bring the bread and wine to the altar to be consecrated, along with a count of how many are in attendance. Then they collect the offering and return it to the altar, and close the altar gates. During Holy Communion, they assist parishioners as they make their way to and from the altar rail. After communion, they open the altar gate, and after the service, they collect the bulletins and straighten up the prayer books and hymnals. The focus of their ministry is welcome and hospitality.  If interested in becoming an usher, please contact Fr. Randy.


All of these worship ministers are encouraged to arrive at least 15-20 minutes prior the procession so as to prepare themselves by prayer for the sacred duty they're about to perform. Being a worship minister, in any of these capacities, is a privilege, not a right. We are serving our Lord and honoring his presence among us, and so we are intentional in giving it our best effort possible. It is the responsibility of the worship minister to find a substitute if unable to serve.